Free Fantasy Football Mock Drafts
Build the perfect fantasy football team.
Never wait more than 30 seconds to join a real Mock Draft!
You are guaranteed the draft position you want!
What are Mock Drafts?
Mock Drafts are a fun way to experience building your very own fantasy football team.
Mock Drafts are also the best way to prepare for your fantasy football season.
Why should I Mock Draft on Blitz?
We built Blitz Mock Drafts because we were frustrated with other Mock Draft services. It takes too long to get into a Mock Draft, and most people either never show up or leave after a few rounds. Also, we encountered too much verbal harassment on every site.
At Blitz, you'll never have to wait for more than 1 minute to join a real mock draft. In other places, you have to wait 15 - 30 minutes during the busy season. This is because our servers can support more simultaneous mock drafts than all of our competitors combined, and this includes places like Yahoo! and ESPN.
You are guaranteed the draft position you want. No more rushing to claim a specific draft position.
Drafters almost always stay to the end of every mock draft because we don't allow anyone to start a new Mock Draft until their current one is complete.
We also penalize drafters who leave in the middle of Mock Drafts from entering future drafts, so you are guaranteed to have a quality experience every time.
Fantasy Football Mock Drafts